Packing for a vacation is a different thing, and packing for relocation is different thing. Following are the few tips to be followed before relocation:

  • Always make a list: Making a list about everything that is to be packed and scrapped makes the work easier. Writing everything down helps in reminding yourself later about something. Maintain a Book and note every box that you’ve packed and the things that are left to be packed.
  • Use Stickers: Stickers help in identification of boxes. After you pack every box, stick a sticker and keep a note of whatever you have packed. Different colored stickers will help you in identification or differentiation of boxes.
  • Utilize the boxes of cupboards: The tall boxes of wardrobes are usually bulky which can fit the lighter things like pillows and covers easily. Measure the clothes and accordingly estimate the number of boxes you’ll require. Place an order to the packer company for the same.
  • Have substitute supplies: Packing requires a huge number of boxes. If you think having cut to cut boxes will be enough, then you’re surely going wrong. It is always better to have extra boxes ordered. If the boxes are ordered from the packing company, they can always be returned if they’re unused.